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Website Terms of Use

The terms of use of this website (the “Terms of Use”) define the terms of use of the dedicated website (the “Website”) established by Jorudan Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Station Navipo Office (the “Office”) that implements a demonstration experiment of guidance service (the “Experiment”) at Tokyo Shinjuku Station. Regarding the use of the Website, you shall agree to and comply with the Terms of Use.
In addition, you are deemed to agree to the Terms of Use when you start using the Website.

● Definition of terms
“General Participants”
People who can participate in the implementation of the Experiment and understand the purpose of the project.
General participants are classified as follows.
1. APP Developers
Other companies, individuals, schools, etc. that using the open data of Shinjuku Station and providing application for the Experiment.
2. Experiment participants
Individuals who participate in the Experiment at Shinjuku Station using the application provided by the APP developer.

●Acquisition of information etc.
When recruiting general participants, the Office obtains personal information (name, age, gender, nationality, email address, phone number, etc.) from the application form on the Website. And the acquired information shall be handled in accordance with the Terms of Use.

●Handling of personal information
Regarding how to use personal information of general participants, the Office shall handle it appropriately based on the Terms of Use, “Handling of personal information” and personal information protection laws in Japan.
“Handling of personal information”

●Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information of general participants shall be used appropriately based on “Handling of personal information”

●Handling of acquired information
The Office may process the acquired information defined in the previous section into comprehensive and statistical data that cannot identify an individual before using it.

●Providing personal information to third parties
Handle it appropriately based on “Handling of personal information”

●Use of Cookies on the Website
Cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer when you visit a website. The Website uses session cookie that can be automatically deleted when you close your browser.
The Office may use cookies on the Website to understand the usage situation. And the information stored in cookies does not include any personally identifiable information (name, address, phone number, etc.)

●Use of Google Analytics
The Office may use Google Analytics to collect and analyze access logs on the Website to improve service. Regarding information collected by Google Analytics, please find more information on the page of “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps”.

●Intellectual property rights
All intellectual property rights, including compilation copyrights, related to the Website belong to the Office or the information provider licensing the Office the rights for use. Users are prohibited from reproducing, duplicating, modifying, altering, and assigning the Website’s content to third parties.

●Prohibited uses
1. Users are prohibited from using the Website for commercial secondary use.
2. Any use of the contents of the Website in combination with other applications or services is prohibited.
3. Users are prohibited from assigning, transferring, or appointing any of the rights or obligations related to the Terms of Use to third parties.
4. In addition to the above, any actions that violate laws, public order and morals are prohibited.

The Office and the information providers licensing the Office the rights for use shall not be held liable in any way for damages suffered by users from the use of the Website.

●Cutoff / Discontinuation of service
The Office may cutoff/discontinue the Website without prior notification due to maintenance, restoration, or act of God. During this event, the Office shall not be held liable in any way for damages suffered from such cutoff / discontinuation of services.

●Modification and Termination
The Office shall have the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Website, including its contents, display and operating functions, at any given time.

●Modification of the Terms of Use
Users agree that the Office have the right to modify, supplement, renew, and delete the contents of these Terms of Use without any prior notification.

●Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Japan. When doubt or dispute arises between users and us regarding the interpretation of the Terms of Use or the Website, it shall be discussed in good faith. However, if the doubt or dispute cannot be resolved, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

●About using environment
The operating environment and recommended browser for browsing the search result page of the Website are as follows.

・Internet Explorer (Latest version)
・Google Chrome (Latest version)
・Firefox (Latest version)
・Microsoft Edge (Latest version)
・Safari (Latest version)
・Firefox (Latest version)
*The Website can’t be used if the browser is set not to use JavaScript. After setting JavaScript can be used, please search again from the input screen.

【iOS】(iOS10 or later)
Safari (Latest version)
【Android】(Android5 or later)
Google Chrome (Latest version)

Operation of the device while walking is extremely dangerous, so we ask you to operate the device while standing still in a safe area.

●Operator of the Website
Jorudan Co., Ltd.
Shinjuku Station Navipo Office
TEL:03-5369-4052 FAX:03-5369-4057

●Formulated on June 1, 2020