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Results of demonstration experiment during the year 2020

In this Shinjuku Station Navipo Project,
in order to perfect the environment and facilitate the traffic in Shinjuku Station,
we did the demonstration experiment as part of public support to the guidance service,
supplying indoor guidance application to the public and collecting their views.
We report here the results of the demonstration experiment.

Many thanks to all the people for the help and support to this demonstration experiment.

Introduction of demonstration experiment

We did testing demo in 2019, recruited developers under condition that they should make use of open data from the coordinate data of station guidance routes and that they must use indoor guidance technology.
At the same time we recruited App monitors to use Shinjuku Station guidance application and feedback comments.
Other than ordinary monitors, we also invited foreigners and wheelchair users as special monitors.

  • Period of demonstration experiment

    November 25th 2020 Wednesday
    to December 24th 2020 Thursday

    Target area and Operating system

    • Area defined by Shinjuku Terminal Council
      *Only outside the ticket gate
    • Android App
  • App Monitors

    ● Ordinary monitors
      Recruit period:
      October 27th Tuesday
      to December 17th Thursday
      We recruited the first 500 applicants

    • Number of monitors recruited: 146
    • Questionnaire returned: 97

    ● Special monitors
      Recruited into 3 groups

    • Foreigners: 2
    • Wheelchair users: 3
    • Baby cart users: 2
  • APP Developers

    Recruit period:
      October 27th Tuesday
      to November 16th Monday.
    The 2 kinds of Apps used:

    • Shinjuku Station Navi
      (Provider: Jorudan Co.,Ltd.)
    • Travel Navigation
      (Provider: Jorudan Co.,Ltd.)

Apps provided

2 kinds of guidance applications are given to App monitors.
*These 2 kinds of applications both use indoor positioning technology by IndoorAtlas, which was chosen after testing demo of indoor positioning technology in 2019.
*We made use of indoor maps and indoor positioning environment around Shinjuku Station from MLIT (High precision positioning social project).

  • Shinjuku Station Navi

    An App specialized in indoor navigation for Shinjuku Station.
    Provides English version for foreign visitors to Shinjuku Station, and "Avoiding stairs" function for wheelchair users.
    We aim to help first-time visitors to Shinjuku Station as well as baby cart users and wheelchair users to travel smoothly in Shinjuku Station.

    Schema of indoor route guidance:Shinjuku Station Navi

    (Schema of indoor route guidance)

    Shinjuku Station Navi
  • Travel Navigation (compatible version of the indoor map of Shinjuku Station)

    An APP with the function of route search by public transport.
    A positioning environment and electronic map for the indoor space around Shinjuku Station have been implemented in the existing APP - "Travel Navigation (Norikae Annai series)" - provided by Jorudan Co., Ltd. for outdoor navigation.

    Schema of indoor route guidance:Travel Navigation (compatible version of the indoor map of Shinjuku Station)

    (Schema of indoor route guidance)

    Travel Navigation (compatible version of the indoor map of Shinjuku Station)

Resume of demonstration experiment result report

We distributed questionnaires to App monitors and developers, then collected their comments.
(Number of App monitors who gave feedback)

  • Ordinary monitors:97
  • Special monitors:7

Results of feedback to questionnaire

  • Q: Age of participants?

  • Q: Have you met difficulties while travelling at Shinjuku Station?

  • Q: What about the accuracy of indoor positioning?

  • Q: What is your acceptable error range?

  • Q: What functions do you find particularly significant in the indoor navigation APP?
    (multiple answers)

  • Q: What functions do you find particularly significant in the indoor navigation APP?
    (multiple answers)

  • Q: How satisfied are you with participating in this project?

    • It was a fresh experience. I used to think that the map APP was something that I could use casually, so it was my first time to use it seriously.
    • I hope that such an APP could be used in the future, so that we could go to various places with confidence and without anxiety.
    • I am very happy to participate in the APP’s experiment, especially in the improvement of Shinjuku Station.
    • It is very good for me to know various efforts for indoor positioning.


List of supporting organizations

Contact information

  • Jorudan Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Station Navipo Office
  • 2-5-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Seishin Building 160-0022
  • TEL: 03-5369-4052 FAX: 03-5369-4057
  • Business hours: 9:00~18:00
    (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, summer and New Year holidays)
  • Please indicate you are an APP developer or an experiment participant, and enter the company name (organization name) and personal name, and contact the following email address.

Depending on what you are consulting, it may take some time.
Your inquiry will be handled during working hours.

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