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The questionnaire has closed.

January 20, 2021


The questionnaire has been closed.
Thank you for your many opinions.
We would also like to thank all of you for your cooperation.

We will collect your opinions and publish them on this site.
Please wait a moment now!

We will send out how to use the Shinjuku Station app and useful functions!
Thank you for following us!

Contact information

  • Jorudan Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Station Navipo Office
  • 2-5-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Seishin Building 160-0022
  • TEL: 03-5369-4052 FAX: 03-5369-4057
  • Business hours: 9:00~18:00
    (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, summer and New Year holidays)
  • Please indicate you are an APP developer or an experiment participant, and enter the company name (organization name) and personal name, and contact the following email address.

Depending on what you are consulting, it may take some time.
Your inquiry will be handled during working hours.

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